A Key Date for Your Diary

Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge 125th Anniversary in May 2014

7.1 View from Hawkesbury River Bridge, 1940s? full shot Source: Unknown.

View from Hawkesbury River Bridge, 1940s?
Source: Unknown.

May 1st, 2014 marks the 125th anniversary of the opening ceremony of the Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge. This was an event of Regional and Local significance. It marked a milestone in the completion on the eastern railway line and the end of an era on Dangar Island.  From this date, Dangar Island evolved from a busy construction site to a weekender destination and to the unique community it is today.

The Dangar island Historical society is proposing to lead a celebration of this event over two days – Saturday May 3rd & Sunday May 4th 2014.  Keep these dates free in your diary and join us on the Island and in learning more about our local history.  More information to follow soon!