The Great Railway Bridge

The spans for the Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge were constructed on Dangar’s Island by the Union Bridge Company of New York over the period 1886 to 1889.  A worksite was established near to the present Café and ferry wharf.  From here, bridge spans were floated into position as each was completed.


The bridge, for its time, used cutting edge technology and was critical infrastructure with major political, social and economic consequences. It completed the rail link joining the colonial capitals of South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and was an acknowledged symbol of the move to Federation. It both accelerated the economic expansion of North and North Western NSW and strengthened the political and economic dominance of Sydney. The bridge played a key role in the movement of men and materials in the defence of Australia during World Wars 1 and 2.

Come join in our festivities on 3rd & 4th May!  We are celebrating 125 years since the Bridge’s opening.