Dangar Island as it was in 1969, starring in The Rovers TV series.

The Rovers was a family television show of 39 x 30 minute episodes which was filmed in Brooklyn and the Hawkesbury region and was screened in 1969-1970 on the 0-Ten network.

The series starred Rowena Wallace, Edward Hepple and Noel Trevarthen and featured the adventures of the crew of the ‘Pacific Lady’, an island schooner owned by Captain Sam McGill, played by Hepple, Bob WIld, a freelance photographer played by Trevarthen and Rusty Collins, a wildlife journalist, played by Wallace.

Dangar Island was the location for Episode 10, ‘Guitar Boy’.  Video and sound quality are poor, but if you watch this You-Tube from 14 minutes on you will see how the island looked in 1969.