Historical Society Reborn

Good news!  The Dangar Island  Historical Society was officially reborn at a meeting of interested parties on 2nd March 2013.

The Society has been re-registered with the Office of Fair Trading and has adopted their standard constitution. Initial committee members, until an AGM in September, are:

  • Peter Wolfe (President)
  • Dave Reynolds (Vice President and Historian),
  • Lisa Hayes (Collection Manager),
  • Rosemary Curtis (Librarian),
  • Judith Doyle (Public Officer),
  • Hans Pol (Treasurer), and
  • Jenny Pakes (Secretary).

Thanks to interim funding from the League we have purchased computer equipment to enable us to start the work of cataloguing, preserving and digitizing the collection.

Over the coming months we will be preparing and sharing our plans and inviting membership. Right now, we would welcome offers of volunteer support- there are a number of specific tasks that will arise as the collection is developed.

Dave will continue to lead Island Historical tours. These have been a good source of funds in the past and are a great way to share our history with interested folks. We invite anyone who would enjoy being an ambassador for the island to join us for training as a tour leader.

We would appreciate the return of any Historical materials that have strayed from storage in the Hall over the years, so that the collection can be fully prepared.

Please speak to any of the Committee with your ideas and thoughts as we relaunch the Society.

Peter Wolfe