After Voting – Picture This!

'The Protex' late 1970's. Source: Unknown.

‘The Protex’ late 1970s
Source: Unknown.

Dangar Island Historical Society presented an exhibition entitled NOW & THEN on Saturday 7th September 2013.  This was in collaboration with The NSW History Council’s 16th Year of History Week, entitled Picture This.

A photographic exhibit, including a slide show was held in the Dangar Island Community Hall (12 to 4.30pm).  Three informative, one-hour island tours, starting from Dangar Island wharf were also conducted to fully inform the exhibition.

Along with contemporary history and images, visitors came and heard some fascinating stories of the Guringai aborigines, about Captain Arthur Philip’s exploratory tour of the Hawkesbury River and his 1788 landing on the Island. They learned why the island became known as Mullet Island and why & when its name changed to Dangar.


Now: ‘The Sun’ July 2013
Photographer: David Reynolds

Dangar is a unique, pristine traffic free island, situated in the Hawkesbury River and can be accessed by ferry (click on link for timetable).

If you would like more information or to book a tour, please send us your details via our Contact page.  Tour prices are explained on the Tours page.


Then: Dangar Island, circa 20s to 30s
Photographer: Unknown